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1. What must you do to be entitled to claim under the warranty

On the encounter of any product issue, it is the customer’s duty to reach out to HiTech Power Solutions and acknowledge them about any issues that the customer is facing, prior to making any decision. In process the customer will be asked to provide the proof of purchase for verification purposes.

2. How to make a claim under the warranty?

The consumer shall directly inform any product defects, malfunctions, failures or non-conformities promptly upon discovery in writing, by emailing to OR OR contact HiTech Power Solutions on 391238442 during standard Melbourne working hours.

3. What can we do when a claim is made?

We can Repair, Replace, Perform the service again OR provide refund for major failures within the period of warranty. Firstly, HiTech Power Solutions will advise the customer on the possible reasons for the issue and how to rectify them remotely.

If the advisory and assistance stage fails, the customer will be advised to return the faulty product back to HiTech Power Solutions for the repairs. If the fault of the product is found to be one that cannot be repaired, the consumer will be replaced with a product that is identical to the original product or is reasonably equivalent to the warranted goods in case if the original product is not available.  

According to the ACCC, a product failure amounts to a major failure if the product

i. is unsafe

ii. is very different from the description or sample

iii. has either one serious problem or several smaller problems that would stop someone buying the product if they knew about them beforehand

iv. can’t be used for its normal purpose, or another purpose the consumer told the seller about before they bought it, and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time.

What are excluded from the warranty policy?

Repairs necessitated by use other than the normal use that the product was designed for.

Damaged products as a result of misuse, abuse, accidents, alterations or improper installations by the customer.

Corrective work necessitated by the repairs made by technicians that were carried out without informing HiTech Power Solutions.

Damages to the purchased products caused as a result of natural disasters.

All HiTech products carry specific user instructions. Misuse of or alternations made to the products by customers will be taken into consideration in covering warranty claims.

Any act performed uninformed to HiTech Power Solutions will not be reimbursed.

How long does the warranty last for? HiTech provides one-year warranty period unless stated otherwise.

Who is responsible for any expenses associated with the warranty claim and how the consumer can claim back any expenses incurred? Only if the customer cannot be remotely assisted or replaced with the product within a reasonable amount of time after duly notifying HiTech Power Solutions, the consumer will be reimbursed with the original cost price of the product provided that the product is within the warranty period.